MACEDONIA BAPTIST CHURCH "A Church With A Mission... ...A Minister With A Message."
MACEDONIA BAPTIST CHURCH  "A Church With A Mission...        ...A Minister With A Message."

Our History

On Wednesday, March 15, 1928, Rev. James Killingsworth met with Rev. George J. Turner in his home at 9 Decatur Street for the purpose of organizing a prayer mission. Among the original members were the wife of Rev. Turner, Sis. Victoria Turner (who later became the first mother of the church), Bro. Samps Goss, Sis. Della Goss, Sis. Martha Butler, Bro. James Brown, Sis. Ida Brown and Sis. Beulah Killingsworth. Sis. Butler called the group "Sinner's Friends."


The group expanded and moved across the street to 7 Decatur Street, a small house renting for $3.00 monthly. Prayer service and Sunday school were then held weekly. The pastor elect named the mission "Macedonia" taken from Acts 16:9, with the invitation, "Come over to Macedonia and help us," recorded by the first clerk Bro. George Reed.


Rev. George T. Turner was instrumental in interceding for the ordination of Rev. James Killingsworth. On June 24, 1928 the council of five churches from Middlesex Central Baptist Association examined and found him worthy. He was then ordained for the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. The Ordination of Deacons Samps Goss and James Brown was accomplished shortly thereafter.


The first revival was conducted by Rev. George W. Porter and Rev. A.D. Brown. Many converts joined and the first baptism was held late that summer in the Delaware River on the Morrisville side. It was a beautiful spiritual occasion! The established church membership grew and was moved to 612 South Warren Street. In the year 1929, the ordination of Deacons Reason Finney, George Reed and Doc Watts was held.


The Depression took its toll on the economic status of the young church, so its home again changed to a storefront at 615 South Warren Street for a short time. The faith of the minister led him to inspire his followers to look for a permanent house of God. This was accomplished by the renting of an old dish factory at 110 Decatur Street for $15.00 monthly. It was decided to buy the building as the membership increased. What a time! The church was a blessing to the community. It became the spiritual home of many and was a definite factor for encouraging sinners to Christ! Urban renewal was responsible for the relocation of Macedonia. In 1968 under the leadership of the Pastor, we bought a church building at 1254 East State Street and paid off a ten-year mortgage in seven years.


When Rev. Killingsworth retired in October 1976 because of poor health, he continued to pray for the fulfillment of his dream that Macedonia would survive and become a great temple of God. This dream is now a reality. Still being blessed with the mercy of God, Rev. Killingsworth lived for 10 more years. He was called to rest on March 10, 1986.


In the year of 1977 the officers and members of Macedonia Baptist Church elected Rev. AR. Kelley as our Pastor. Under the leadership of Rev. Kelley, Macedonia Baptist Church acquired our present place of worship, 1300 Greenwood Avenue, for the purchase price of $275,000. This move took place on November 22, 1980. Rev: Kelley served faithfully as Pastor until his death in 1982. After the death of Rev. A.R Kelley several ministers served:


Rev. Daniel Worthy (1983-1984)

*(Interim Pastor) Dr. Dewey L. Duncan (1984-1985)

*(Interim Pastor) Rev. Richard Minus (1985-1986)

Dr. Dewey L. Duncan (1987-1989)


After the resignation for Dr. Duncan our church was again in need of a shepherd. After hearing many ministers, it was the recommendation of the Church officers that Rev. Keith A. Marshall would be called to serve as interim Pastor of our church in July of 1989. On October 1, 1989 the members of Macedonia voted that Rev. Marshall become our Pastor. Under the direction of our present Pastor our church has experienced spiritual growth, and an increase of over 1400 members. In addition, over $250,000 worth of mortgage debt has been liquidated and over $300, 000 in building repairs have been completed and paid for. With the help of our Lord, we anticipate continued growth and prosperity.


"For if God be for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:3



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